For several years now, I have been working as a community choir leader. After completing a traineeship with Givin' it Laldie in the Gorbals, I've gone on to work with organisations such as Got Soul and SoundRoutes Singers (where I am now Assistant Musical Director), amongst many others. I've also lead other kinds of musical groups, such as musicianship classes, guitar groups, percussion groups, and worked with people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages, from toddlers to octogenarians. 

I have a passionate belief in the power of community music-making to make us content, to give us purpose, to connect to others, to eliminate loneliness, to improve our mental and physical health, to save us from ourselves. I'm not exaggerating - I've seen it. Facilitating these kinds of sessions and providing a safe space for people to explore music-making together is my great passion in life, and an absolute privilege to be able to do.


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